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        There are big and small back, there are sad and reluctant. What moved me most is the back of the angels in white in 2020.


        The new year is coming In the past, the Spring Festival was full of bustle, streets and alleys were full of people, supermarkets and vegetable farms were even more crowded, people could hear people's laughter in every corner.


        Novel coronavirus came to our side light of heart from care and the carefree holiday.


        The novel coronavirus is named after a crown. He was like a proud and ignorant king who locked people in his home and could not go out.


        The wind knows the grass, the waves show the hero. Grandpa Zhong Nanshan led the medical team to study drugs, and Grandma Li Lanjuan also made a great contribution to the epidemic. If one side is in trouble, support from all sides. Countless medical staff rushed to Wuhan from all directions to support when they heard the news.


        Whenever I see angels in white wearing 7 thick protective clothing in the news, I want to say to them: Thank you, you've worked hard! In the airtight protective clothing, the doctors are sweating profusely. They have little rest time because they have to fight against the clock to take the patient's life back from death.


        I hope the war will be over as soon as possible. Angels in white, you work hard!



        A few days ago, I got to know something through the picture book of coronavirus sent by my teacher. It's a kind of virus transferred from animals to human body! This virus has infected many people now, most of the infected people will have fever, cough, dyspnea, serious life-threatening!


        Now there are many doctors and nurses who are risking their lives to treat patients every day. They are very, very hard! So if we want to help them, we can only fight against the virus if we protect ourselves. You must remember that you must wear masks and wash your hands frequently when you go out. Do not go to crowded places! After the Spring Festival, we can go to school and play happily!


        I know that only by doing it myself can I do no harm to others! Also hope that the sick uncles and aunts can recover soon!



        It's winter vacation. I went to Grandpa's house with my mother and sister for the new year.


        Pay New Year's call people are hurrying to and fro. Novel coronavirus will buddy this year. In order to prevent the virus, I can only stay at home obediently. Although I can't go out, I can listen to my grandfather's stories at home, and listen to his stories about the interesting things that happened when I was a child, so that I can understand that I should cherish my life now and study hard to realize my dream.


        Through the TV broadcast, I learned that the virus was transmitted to human beings by wild animals, so I hope that everyone will take good care of the wild animals and not prey on them. Everyone should stay at home, wash hands frequently, drink more water and try not to go out. Wear a mask when you go out. Hope the angel in white can control the virus as soon as possible and return to normal. Come on, Wuhan. Come on, mother China.



        I'm very sad these days, because we were going to travel to Guangzhou. Because of the outbreak of this new coronavirus in Wuhan, we can't play anymore.


        Last night, my mother told me about the picture book of the new coronavirus. I learned from it that the virus was originally grown on wild animals, but because some people eat wild animals and kill wild animals, the new coronavirus ran to our human beings and settled down. Although the virus is very dangerous, there are still ways to deal with it, especially those doctors who are working hard to treat the infected patients, some of whom have recovered and left the hospital. I stay at home with my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother and brother. I dare not go out. If someone wants to go out to buy food, I will remind him: "don't forget to put on the mask!"


        The virus has brought great disaster to human beings. I want to say to you, "come on! We have a way to deal with this virus, we will win! "



        Today is my 13th day at home with mom and dad and my brother. I'm very happy because mom and dad haven't been with me for a long time. I think all the children are like this, but my aunt's brother is not as happy as me. He hasn't seen his mother for a long time. I asked my mother why she wasn't at home. My mother told me that because she was going to work, more people needed her than my brother.


        From childhood, I was most afraid of my aunt, because my parents sometimes took me to the hospital for injection, which was very painful. Aunt and they wear the same white coat, sometimes very fierce. Whenever I don't obey, my mother will say let my aunt stab me. So I always dare not provoke her. Sometimes I would secretly speak ill of my aunt with my mother.


        But this time, my mother was very serious. She told me that my aunt was very powerful and powerful. There are many people in our country who are ill. Those who are ill may die. Death means never to see their parents again. And if healthy people have contact with sick people, they will get sick. Aunt is helping the sick people to get better. Also in the protection of healthy people, let them happy life. I asked my mother, "will aunt get sick?" my mother said she didn't know, but she would take good care of herself. Mother also said that the world is big, there are many people like aunts, they left their families and children, and fight against the virus. They are all great angels in white. They are the same angels in fairy tales. Angels can solve the world's pain and bring happiness to people.


        My mother also said that there was an archangel among the angels, a kind grandfather, Grandpa Zhong Nanshan, who was leading all the angels to fight together. Grandpa Zhong said that as long as I stayed at home and washed my hands frequently, I was making contributions to the motherland. I will do well!


        Although aunt is very fierce sometimes, I don't want her to be sick. I want to grow up quickly and become an angel like aunt and grandpa Zhong. I want to cure the illness and save people and give them happiness. I have learned a new idiom - "unite as one". That is to say, if we work together, our country will not get sick! Let's unite as one and fight against the virus!












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